Master plan: Champ De Manœuvre sector




Nantes Métropole Aménagement


Ateliers 2/3/4/ (architect + urban planner + landscape designer) - Atelier Georges (architect + urban planner) -Artelia (engineer) - Urban Eco (ecologist)

Nature of the project

Master Plan


1800 Housing units, 1 school


Coordinating architect and urban planner
Project management of public spaces


In progress


64 ha


Completion 2024


©Ateliers 2/3/4/ ©Loukat

The training area will extend over 50 ha, half of which will be preserved as wetland and natural areas, thus constituting a park and a unifying site for the districts of the Erdre Valley. This new residential complex will also have to accommodate the vicinity of a prison.
2000 dwellings will be realised of various types, distributed according to the existing landscape specificities which will shape a wide variety of settings and identities: collective and intermediate housing in strips to the south on the old market gardening spaces, plots of various heights disseminated on the borders of the “wild woods” or small groups in the wooded spaces to the north.
The main public area and link with the neighbouring district, the “courtyard” will host a school area, a nursery and shops. A network of walkways will make it possible to develop paths and provide access to the “open field”, a large meadow in which to play and enjoy non-formal leisure activities.

Habiter la forêt - Le quartier du Champ de Manœuvre