Master Plan for the Tigre-Maringouins Sector


Cayenne, French Guiana


EPFA Guyane


Ateliers 2/3/4/ (architect + urban planner + landscape designer) - Gaïa architecture (local architect ) -
Egis (roads & main services, hydraulic) - Alphaville (urban programming) - Opus paysage (hydraulic designer)

Nature of the project

Master Plan


Housing, equipment, activities


Coordinating architect and urban planner
Project management of public spaces


In progress


200 ha


Completion 2025 to 2050
all phases combined


32 M€ HT Phase 1


©Ateliers 2/3/4/ ©Oeil du pigeon

The area of Tigre-Maringouins in the municipality of Cayenne (French Guiana) offers an exceptional territory for which we have established an ambitious master plan looking ahead to 2050.
It is a “double-sided” territory, because it bears the marks of a site that has suffered the assaults of the city as a result of “servant city” programmes (quarry, dump, military sites, various waste areas) but at the same time, this site offers an exceptional landscape with the Tigre mountain as a significant feature, the fundamental presence of water and its being located at the door of downtown Cayenne. The project developed, which may seem rigid at first glance (framework / programming / structure / …) in fact relies totally on the powerful initial geo-topography of the site and therefore has a great capacity to evolve, to adapt, to enrich and improve itself, both in terms of public spaces and in urban form and planning, without losing sight of the initial goals.

site existant
plan guide à l’horizon 2050
carrière reconvertie en base de loisirs
espaces publics en lien avec la nature
le mont Maringounis comme élément structurant du projet urbain
1 Structurer le projet, développer de nouvelles entités à partir des éléments paysagers et urbains existants 2 Mailler le territoire 3 Des pôles d'intensité liés aux usages