Design – Table Nii 95




Ateliers 2/3/4/

Nature of the project

Interior design


Built, 2021

Construction compagnies

NOMA Editions

Eco-design / Reuse / Recycle / Bio-base

Embellish the framework of the daily life, with responsibility, from the great territory to the design of furniture : 2/3/4/ has designed a multifunctional table in recycled wood !

Between Design, and Research of the Pole CYCL’RECYCL’, 2/3/4/ drew a table : Nii 95, realized with Atelier Emmaüs in beech wood saved from the destruction and published by NOMA EDITIONS!

The Nii 95 table – taken from the Japanese ni or 二 in Kanji – , is a multifunctional table: to work, to lunch, to receive, to draw, to play.

It is a response to the current issues of flexibility and reversibility of space uses.

The void between the two tops offers a storage space, allowing the objects on the upper top to disappear in a single gesture: the computer slides onto the lower top, leaving room for glasses, dishes and other victuals, and vice versa.

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