Design – Table Nii 95 XXL




Ateliers 2/3/4/

Nature of the project

Interior design


Built, 2021

Construction compagnies

NOMA Editions

The Nii 95 table – taken from the Japanese ni or 二 in Kanji -, is a multifunctional table: to work, to lunch, to entertain, to draw, to play.

With its double top, it is a response to current issues of flexibility and reversibility of uses (and spaces).

The space between the two levels allows the objects on the upper shelf to disappear in a single gesture: the computer slides onto the lower shelf, leaving room for the meal.

The XXL version presented for “Design sur Cours” 2021 is an expressive re-reading of the Nii 95 table.

Its many slender legs blend in with those of the visitors. The length of its double top echoes the dimensions of the courtyard, its material – recycled paper – is revealed on its edges.

It is made of RICHLITE, a material composed of 70% recycled paper.

The table was exhibited by NOMA and Ateliers 2/3/4/ at Design sur Cours from September 9 to 18, 2021, in the courtyard of the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris, Hôtel Lamoignon, 24 rue Pavée, 75004 Paris.

It is now visible in our offices.

Publisher: Noma Editions

Photographer : Salem Mostefaoui