CIG, Centre Interdépartemental de Gestion (Interdepartmental Administration Centre)




CIG Versailles


Ateliers 2/3/4/ (architect + landscape designer) - Mizrahi - ABC Décibels - L’eau (engineers)

Nature of the project



An administrative building comprising 71 offices and meeting rooms distributed between the ground floor and first floor / A training room with 80 seats on the ground floor. / A 300-seat conference room on the ground floor.
A foyer serving as waiting area on the ground floor.
Storage, technical, cloakroom, housekeeping, maintenance and multipurpose rooms at garden level /150 parking spaces at garden level


Project presented at the BAP! Architecture and Landscape Biennale in Versailles in 2019.




4 840 m²


Completion in september 2017


11.4 M€

Sustainaible development

Démarche HQE

Construction compagnies

Léon Grosse - Sogefi - JPV Bâtiments - De Cock - Frameto - ITB - Stepc - Léon Grosse électricité - Les Jardins de Gally


©Clément Guillaume

CIG, Centre Interdépartemental de Gestion (Interdepartmental Administration Centre)
Two pavilions: symbolic and functional, Versailles

Extending over 4,800 m² of existing public area, the CIG fits into the heart of a pavilion fabric. The building is designed almost entirely on stilts to house a quality parking lot. A forecourt serving as an access bridge aboard, slips between the two building units designed to reduce the volume of the whole.
The planned functions follow this cut into two pavilions:
– One, more symbolic, houses all the shared services, conference and training rooms and the restaurant.
– The other, more functional, contains the offices around an interior garden.
A very simple plasticity ensures the necessary presence required by any institution without compromising the equilibrium of the neighbourhood.
The most emblematic pavilion containing the shared functions is affirmed by a white, polished, precast concrete minerality.
The office section is wrapped in an anodised aluminium curtain wall with glass panels including a walnut veneered panel (OKALUX).

ground floor