Delivery of the external work of the ZAC des Provinces Françaises in Nanterre

ZAC des Provinces Françaises is located on a territory deeply marked by infrastructures generating sites isolated from each other. The University district, made up of a juxtaposition of independent sectors, is a typical example. Despite its many assets, the city of the French Provinces has long remained an urban enclave. Today, the development projects (Cœur de quartier / Terraces) in the vicinity are all opportunities to deeply restructure what already exists. The ZAC plays a pivotal role by making it possible to recreate links and bring the University district into existence: forging links (physical, visual), setting up a simplified road network, prioritizing the entities and enhancing the value of green hearts are the major objectives defined. during the development of the master plan of the project.

Client SEMNA
Ateliers 2/3/4/ – BERIM BET VRD – AGi2D BET Environnement
Area 9.5 ha
Cost 13,3 M € HT