Construction site – Olympic Aquatic Centre – Ripping of the pedestrian bridge

|Construction site|

This summer, the construction site of the Aquatic Centre and the pedestrian bridge for the 2024 Games and for Saint Denis afterwards, is in the spotlight!

Since yesterday, the pedestrian bridge is being put in place and fixed, after the ripping of yesterday!

Back in pictures on the ripping … with the A1 motorway emptied!

The wide pedestrian bridge crosses the A1 motorway, creating a strong and structuring line for the development of the district. It provides easy access from the Stade de France forecourt to the Aquatic Centre and the whole of the Plaine Saulnier.

The structure crosses the A1 in a single movement, without any intermediate support,
with strength and lightness.
The footbridge consists of two lateral steel box beams supporting a wide steel deck, without any intermediate support.
Its expression is that of its structure, in balance between the two esplanades.
It embodies stability and uses simple, recognisable and timeless forms, which make it in a frugal and elegant style.