Why was the BIM always only mentioned for the new environment until a few months ago? Is it considered as being precursor to use this method for the built environment? What does the BIM allow for the built environment? Could the BIM help us to detect the architectural ideas from the past? To really understand the construction?…

The candidates of the BIM Contest 2018 have worked on the reallocation of the Ecole de Plein Air, and on the project of a brand new middle school at the same place. They were asked to work with a BIM method, but only on this middle school project. The Ecole de Plein Air did not get any benefit introduced by the BIM – as virtual as it is -.

In order to allow the candidates to explore this important matter, the topic of the roundtable meeting this year will be about the BIM and the built environment. The speakers of this roundtable face this matter on a daily basis.

Who are they?

François Chatillon (Architect in charge of the Historic Monuments, François Chatillon Architecte). He is the architect in charge of the future transformation of the Grand Palais.

Manuel Afsar (project manager at Ateliers 2/3/4/) and Jean-Noel Burnod (IT Manager at Ateliers 2/3/4/). The agency has renovated the old Ampère Tower (built in the 1980’s at Courbevoie), which is the new headquarters of Sogeprom, renamed Ampère e+, since 2016.

Christophe Leray (Redactor in Chief, Chroniques d’Architecture). He writes about the current events and the changes in architecture. He is the writer of “What are the (still) young architects dreaming about” (“A quoi rêvent les (encore) jeunes architectes”). His point of view is interesting to us.

The roundtable meeting will take place on the 26th of April at 6 P.M. at the Halle Pajol, 20 esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, Paris 18ème.

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