Through the duplication of a basic unit, projects for office buildings or apartment buildings are initiated. In order to introduce variety, Ateliers 2/3/4/ seeks to impart a rhythm to the areas and paths at the heart of buildings: particular places such as circulation routes, floor landings and hallways, courtyards, come to make up much of the sequence that punctuates a building.

An eco-neighbohood

In Boulogne, on the banks of the Seine, residences at the heart of the first eco-neighborhood in the greater parisian area are constructed on land where the old renault factory once stood. These 120 riverside residences are part of the largest parisian urban renewal project of the 2010’s.

Density and opening: The building opens onto the river flowing in a large landscape on one side and onto the park on the other.

The project proposes a complete transparency for the extent of the ground floor’s height. the space revealed at the heart of the building remains a private, protected space by the thickness of the entrance halls on the sides facing the seine and park.

The majority of residences benefit from double orientation-exposure, with the few mono exposure exceptions overlookng either the park or the seine. every allotment is naturally lit.

The active loggia: conceived of as a winter garden, this loggia is a veritable extra room, whose double extended height allows natural light to reach its depths. a system of mobile blinds allows adjusting its orientation both towards the private space and the public space. (project)


A garden city

Built upon a derelict vacant urban space located along the seine, Bnp-paribas insurance’s new headquarters is the largest office project completed in the parisian area in 2011.


In order to introduce a genuine transparency into the site’s depth, two devices of “breaches” and “fractures” alter the overall scale of the project. The complex’s mass is thus subdivided into three entities. These fractures are bridged by enclosed passageways that reveal the landscaping features of the surroundings: pools, park, collective spaces.


Through the dense vegetation found in the “patios,” “interior gardens,” and “breaches,” a major landscaped space begins that culminates at the seine with the reclaiming of its banks. This green network, in combination with a large distribution of space into “interior streets,” gives the complex its “Garden-City” Character.


Ateliers 2/3/4/’s strong commitment to high quality environmental standards led to the envisioning of “photosensitive” façades, both thick and permeable, capable of establishing connections between the exterior public space and the interior living-working spaces of the project. These façades help regulate and distribute natural light throughout the year.  (project)