Council of Representatives
Baghdad, Iraqi


Ministery of construction and housing

Architect : 2/3/4/architecture
Project manager : Laure MéRIAUD

With Fèvre & Gaucher

Parliement, council members private office.
Federal council buildings.
Affiliated parties headquarter.
Media center.
Medical center.
Library and research service.
Prayer space.

202 000 m²

Competition : may 2012

763 M$ (value 04/2012)

A parliament can be though of as a building intended to enclose and shelter an assembly of men and women whose concern is to respond to conflict by the law and not by force.

Today, Iraqi society turns an important page in its history and, by means of an edifice, wants to ally two scales: that of a place of peace, a haven that slows down time, that encourages exchanges between the different communities who compose its cultural mosaic, and that of the monument that testifies membership of the same entity, that of the nation.

To achieve this, it is necessary to give attention to the symbolic values and function, to the means for planning the human settlement that Mesopotamian civilization gave to the world; the courtyard and the pavilion.

Due to its introversion, the courtyard assists to develop places conducive to concentration, to meditation, to the harmony of an assembly but it also provides protection against a sometimes hostile climate.

Through its detachment, the pavilion demonstrates the independence of an institution, the measure of its impartiality. Its source reaches towards the sky in search of its light.