By introducting new grounds of reference, and by fusing interior and exterior spaces, Ateliers 2/3/4/ becomes capable of tranforming a concentration of functions into intensity.

A University becomes Conference Center, a Conference Center becomes University. 

Located at the feet of an ancient roman forum, the new university building and library of law and economic sciences is a prism raised above the ground by ten porticos and thirty columns. This monumental aspect reaffirms the return of the university to the center of the city. The lower level, completely open to the surrounding public space, resembles a large market-hall capable of receiving large crowds.

The fluidity of the interior maintains the transparency present at the entrance, facilitating clear understanding of the builidng’s organizational structure. On the ground floor rest the emblematic parts of the complex, the university library and the large 600-seat amphitheater. three 400-seat amphitheaters, Tutorial classrooms, and the administration offices are upstairs.

The building unfolds like a campus. A large ramp establishes the continuity of the ground from the lower to higher levels. The bright and colorful atmosphere of the spaces evoke, in their distributive sequence, at times the underbrush, at times the foliage of trees.

The network of amphitheaters is easily accessible from a number of external approaches. the establishment’s spatial versatility falls in line with the mixed-use policy of its public facilities, with an eye to optimizing their management.

The series of pathways leads to a hanging garden, a site opening onto the sky.

A Highway access road disappears,  A trading floor appears

Located in the La Défense neighborhood of Paris, this structure of out of the ordinary dimensions (18o meters length by 35 meters width), resembles a “lying tower.” It is the result of a specific commission to house the trading floors of the Société Générale Bank on five 4,0000 m² floors, each accomodating up to 700 traders.

Constructed, due to a lack of available land, upon a highway access road, the building presents an opportunity for the implementation of an artificial ground to protect against noise pollution, as well as serving to help elimante the gap between the business center district and the residential neighborhoods below.

Activity unfolds 24 hours a day in this complex totaling 43,000 m², in its restaurant and service industry areas, in its Information technology departments, and on its considerable technical premises.

the height of each level (5.80M from slab to slab) allows for both the interposition of a technical gallery to be utiilized in the maintenance of each floor without disturbing their operation, as well as the creation of a curved ceiling that optimizes the diffusion of natural light to the center of the floors, with their uncommon depth.

The project’s volume and uncommon façade elements (terraced balconies) constitute a horizontal stratification that ensures an easy transition between the acute verticality of the towers and the low scale of the housing units. (Project)