A sectioned off city doesn’t make sense, life doesn’t come to a stop at 8PM in one neighborhood to later resume in another.

Ateliers 2/3/4/ supports the creation of complementarities between spaces in order to animate urban centers 24 hours a day. The energy of one space shifts to another.

An office building shouldering a hotel

In projects revolving around towers the question of their interiority is a priori eliminated. Nevertheless, despite draconian urban restrictions not allowing one single square meter going to waste, we propose here a tower whose relationship with its environment is anything but that of an isolated object.

A few imposed spatial withdrawals of the structure are turned to advantage through their delineation into a terraced refinement: on the city center side this effect helps lessen the presence of the building’s upper part in the sky, on the city’s peripheral side the reduction acts in support of the sharp verticality.

The exterior spaces corresponding to the three interconnected sections create a rhythm that prevents the simple reproduction of an ordinary leveling of floors, and serve to highlight the different project elements: conference center, offices, hotel. (Project)

Mixed-use building: a school and residential housing

The first mixed-use building in the city of paris: a school joined to residential housing

Conceived of Within the framework of the parisian urban development zone (Zac) of seine-rive-gauche, this structure joins together a school complex and housing units. The overlapping of the two volumes renders the school building more present to the neighborhood.

The verticality of the street corner where rue olivier messiaen and rue primo-levi meet directs the school towards the sky. in counterpoint, the presence of the housing secton endows the public educational facility with a less solemn, less monumental image. The materials used in the façades for both the school and the apartment building are identical: colored and grey coating, polished white and grey concrete. the public school’s wood facing is its sole identifiter.