For Ateliers 2/3/4/ housing is not a simple product of consumption, but rather the essential place of social identificaiton.

“Good housing is large housing,” said jean nouvel. This very generous assertion can very quickly be invalidated by the reality of the economy.

How, therefore, produce quality housing for the greatest number, from simple typologies?

After thrity years of research, ateliers 2/3/4/ is convinced that the construction of “good housing” first takes into account studies done into optimized housing, accessible to everyone, which benefit from numerous solar orientations and natural ventilation, and which we call housing “ready to be lived in.” subsequently, this housing “ready to be lived in” can be repeated without generating routine monotony, through the implementation of “residences made to measure.”

Furthermore, “good housing” should come equipped with an exterior space corresponding properly to its specific design. These exterior spaces contain important symbolic value, being one of the necessary thresholds that separate and balance the private sphere from the public sphere.

The main residential space should be constituted in a similar fashion in order to overcome its status as a mere distributive space. It should be a space conceived as the representation of the community that lives there.