the dynamics of Ateliers 2/3/4/ are those of a group composed of individual talents.

Founded in 2000, Ateliers 2/3/4/ brings together the experiences of three french architectural firms that, from the beginning of the 80’s onwards, have paid particular attention to new, emergent ways of living, ways that demand a return to simplicity and the essentials.

Ateliers 2/3/4/ supports an idea of luxury that could be defined as “savoir vivre à la française,” knowing how to live French-style, in search of well-being. Each Project, individually conceived and custom designed, presents an opportunity for research into what will render it unique, whether through sustainable development materials, typology, or manner of construction.

LIke an article of clothing, Ateleirs 2/3/4/’s buildings protect without constricting movement; like a landscape, they evolve over time.

Before deciding upon materials for a project, Ateliers 2/3/4/ gives prominence to the only primary material in constant supply: light.

Ateliers 2/3/4/ believes “Density” to be one of the prinicipal components of the city; its know-how in lending permeability to buildings grants it an alchemic ability, tranforming “density into intensity.”


 Ateliers 2/3/4/’s wealth of resources stems from its organizational makeup. Structured horizontally around ten architectural project directors and three urban planning project directors, the firm possessses a flexibility that enables it to treat a wide variety of project scales.

five points contribute to the relevance of Ateliers 2/3/4/’s proposals, ensuring the consistency of the its thinking:

1 – understand context, observe the territority with an eye committed to society.

2 – take distance, overcome constraints, consider that solutions are born from paradoxes.

3 – assemble, make contact, a construction is not merely an object, but a place of exchange.

4 – stimulate the senses, live and arouse joy, give pleasure, supply poetry.

5 – Balance, each difference will translate into a quality, seek harmony, peace.

This framework ensures not only respect for symbolic values and the employing of fundamentals for “living together” in a better way, but strives moreoever to take up the major challenge inherent in the act of construction: creating permeance and durability.



Trophée Béton Pro : Awarded  for the Courthouse in Béziers France
BIM d’or : finalist, Offices category for Austerlitz building.
‘Architizer A+Awards’ finalist in ‘Government & Municipal Buildings’ category for the Courthouse in Béziers, France.
‘ArchiDesignClub Awards 2017’ for the International High School of East Paris, in ‘High School buildings’ category.
4 new partners: Laure Mériaud/Eric Puzenat/Franck Tillequin/Arnaud Devillers.
‘Best Architect 17 Award’ for the Courthouse, Béziers, France.
15th International Architecture Biennale of Venice Ivory Coast Pavilion: City of Songon studies presentation.
Christine Edeikins, Architect Partner is named ‘Chevalier de la légion d’honneur’.
‘20th Century Heritage Label’ for the Administrative Institution of the Academic Inspection designed in 1988 by Bolze and Rodriguez-Pagès.
Publication La Cité Multiple, Editions AAM.
Faubourg 2/3/4/ and Ateliers 2/3/4/ merge to create 2/3/4/ Architecture, Urbanisme, Paysage.
Publication Basalte: la salle des marchés de la Société Générale, L’esprit du lieu, Archibooks, Catherine Sabbah.
2/3/4/ Montpellier office opened.
‘Silver Pyramids Awards’ the “Nature Villas” for the residential project in Vitry wins the Award for Attractive Building.
‘Sustainable Urban Development Award’: The Skyline building in Nantes is among the winners in a European competition of high-performance buildings.

Publication Skyline, Nantes, Archibooks, Françoise Arnold.
CAUE du Doubs gives its ‘Regional Architecture and Development Award’ to the Gustave Courbet Museum in Ornans.
‘European Steel Design Award’ for the Trading Room, Basalte, Société Générale Paris-La Défense.
‘Grand Prix of contemporary architecture’ for the Parisian metropolitan area awarded by internet users to the development of the Maître-Jacques complex in Bouogne-Billancourt.
‘Clés de l’Habitat Durable en Seine-Saint-Denis Award’ for the 225 housing units in Sevran (93).
‘Sustainable Housing Award’ for residential complex at Guyancourt.
Publication Hangar A380, Ante Prima, AAM Editions.
‘Pyramide d’Argent Award’ for the 87 residential and business units in Aubervilliers (93) win both the ‘Regional Grand Prix’ and the ‘Sustainable Development Award’.
‘SIMI Renovation Award’ for Le Figaro Head Office at 37, rue du Louvre in Paris.
‘SIMI New office Building Award’ finalist for the Khapa office building, Boulogne Billancourt, (Foster & Partner architects mandatory.)
‘Pyramide d’Argent Award’ for the 158 residential units in Nanterre.

2/3/4/ Exhibition at Galerie d’Architecture, Paris.
Publication deux, trois, quatre… Ateliers 2/3/4/, Archibooks.
Exhibition in Pamplona, Spain.
‘Auguste Perret Award’ for the ESIGELEC in Rouen.
Basalte, Trading Room, 1st BIM project.
3 practices merge: Arene & Edeikins + Bolze & Rodriguez-Pagès +Mas & Roux.
‘Building Owner Award’ for University of Law and Economics in Limoges.
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) of New York gives its ‘Award for Design Excellence’ to the “Portes de la Défense” building, with SOM New York